lower case g

lower case g

Since the age of 3 Benny aka Lower Case g has been stringing together bars while watching his dad perfect his craft. He would freestyle in the backseat and beatbox without a care in the world. As he got older, he started to take a keen interest in what his dad was doing and started to emulate him more and more. At the age of 7, Ben’s dad Sirreal brought him on stage and introduced him to fans. 

Ben was still too shy to stay on the stage long but the people could already see the greatness inside. Now at 13 years old, Lower Case g is lighting up stages with his dad wherever they go. His high energy performance combined with his super cool style helps make him one of the superstars of the show quickly overtaking his dads shine. 

With a new album in the works and 4 songs already written with his dad, Lower Case g is set to take the hip hop world by storm and cement the family legacy as one of breaking cycles and helping others through music. Keep your eyes open for this young talent.

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