Yes that is misspelled on purpose.

Coming from where I did and enduring the loss I have encountered means I don’t have many blood relatives left so my fans and friends are my family. Real family are the humans that you handpick to be in your inner circle. Those who want to grow with you instead of break you down with envy, jealousy and malicious intent. Those who only want the best for you when they see you up. The people who help pick you back up when you have fallen even when they have nothing to gain from it. This is Fanily.

I believe in redemption. I like rooting for the underdog and watching them come out on top. There were many who said that I would fail, who thought I should be dead by now, including myself and I live to prove those people wrong every day. I strive to help as many people as I can while I am here and honour the memories of those who have passed on and watch over us now.

I have been working very hard to create my best works to date and I hope that I have made all of you proud to be a part of the Fanily. Music is Medicine. Connection is the antidote to addiction, depression and anxiety. My music is my connection to you and I am eternally grateful for that. Wait till you see whats coming next……. #RedOrBlue

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